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Family pet thrown from a moving car in Morristown

11:24 PM, Mar 8, 2013   |    comments
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The Greene's family dog, Molly, was rescued when she was just a puppy. Abandoned and hungry, they gave her a loving home.

"She's wonderful. Neighborhood dog too. Everybody knew her by name," said Justin and Brittany Greene, Molly's owners.

"Every time you would go somewhere she would be right there by your side. She would follow you everywhere. Just to make sure you were ok. She would sit there at the door," said Sheyane, Britanny's adolescent daughter.

Thursday, the family got a call Molly was hurt on the side of the road near their Morristown home. They knew it wasn't good but didn't expect what they heard next.

"When we left she was chained in the backyard," said Justin.

A witness says she saw someone pick Molly up and put her into their white sedan. Animal Control says the people inside the sedan then sped up to an estimated 40 miles per hour and threw Molly out the window.

"It's just unthinkable. I don't know why somebody would do that," said Animal Control Officer Doug Carpenter.

Carpenter arrived on the scene to find Molly in bad shape. She had broken legs, gaping wounds, and was in shock.

"There was so much going on that they [veterinarians] couldn't save her," said Carpenter.

"I could understand if she got sick and passed away. Or got hit by a car even. But for someone to do it on purpose for no reason. I don't understand," Brittany said.

Britanny is having a hard time explaining what happened to 5-year-old son Hunter.

"Molly was a nice pet," Hunter said, tearing up.

But the family is finding some comfort in Molly's four-month-old puppy, Duke. One they nearly gave away last week, but are grateful she is with them now to keep Molly's spirit alive.

The Greene family says they are thankful for good Samaritans who stopped traffic and stayed with Molly the entire time.

Animal control is asking for your help, if you have any information about the case. You can reach them at the Morristown Humane Society at 423-581-1494.

Judy's Poodle Parlor has also raised more than $200 for a reward. You can reach them 423-586-4524.

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