Healthy shopping tips

4:10 PM, Mar 15, 2013   |    comments
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Some people love the grocery store and some people loathe it. Either way, unless you own a farm, you'll have to hit it every once in a while.

The Covenant Marathon Team went on a little shopping trip Friday to get some helpful tips for healthy buying.

One good idea is to shop the perimeter of the store. No matter the market, usually all the fresher food is around the outside. 

As you walk through the store, let's hope you didn't come on an empty stomach. Try never to go shopping hungry. Also make a list so that you don't get thwarted by all the pretty packaging.

A lot of people these days have smart phones. Well some of those phones have apps that allow you to keep track of your food and some of them even let you scan the bar code to get nutrition information.

You should always check the serving size before you buy. If you eat a whole bag of something (guilty) and it was supposed to serve 5 people, that's BAD.

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