Statewide campaign works to make sure teens wear seat belts

10:00 PM, Mar 15, 2013   |    comments
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Tennessee ranks second in the nation for teen auto crash fatalities. A statewide campaign has been underway to get kids to buckle up when they drive or ride in cars.

At Midway High School in Roane County, students are running the Battle of the Belts Tennessee Campaign. They conducted surprise inspections Friday afternoon of their fellow students to see if they were buckled up.

UT Regional Medical Center along with other trauma centers across the state are sponsoring the program. This is the third inspection at Midway High School.

"We are seeing an increase in seat belt usages. Not only in the students that attend the schools, but the parents and the siblings and everybody that's involved with the school," said RN Debi Tuggle.

A trophy will be awarded to the school with the highest seat belt usage. Friday's check still came up with a few drivers and passengers that didn't click it.

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