'Knoxwalks' kicks off 10-week training program

12:13 AM, Mar 17, 2013   |    comments
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The Knoxville Track Club kicked off its "Knoxwalks" program on Saturday morning.

"Knoxwalks" is a 10-week walking program designed to help people jump start their exercise routines. The track club said the walking program is a great way to help people make healthy steps and even teach people how to run properly.

Coordinator Melanie Duncan said walking is good for overall health.

"Walking has so many different health benefits. It's great overall," said Duncan. "It's great for our immune system. It's great for our heart health. It's even good for our mood when we have stressful days."

Duncan said the program welcomes all levels of walkers. She hopes by the end of 10 weeks, all participants will be able to walk through a 5-K.

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