Campbell Co. drug suspects rounded up in "Operation Spring Cleaning"

6:18 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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Authorities in Campbell County are doing some "Spring Cleaning."

According to Sheriff Robbie K. Goins, a year-long undercover narcotics investigation has resulted in charges against 63 people.

Sheriff Goins said, "Since I've been in office and from what we can gather, I don't know of any 63 indictments coming down at one time."

Goins calls the investigation "appropriate, necessary and needed, for the citizens of Campbell County to receive the safety and service they demand and deserve."

"There are a lot of folks in Campbell County who have had to endure home invasions, break-ins. People who get up and go to work every morning and then come home and find their home broken into and it's directly related to the people who we are bringing to jail today," Sheriff Goins said.

Early Monday morning, authorities from several agencies hit the streets to arrest those suspects in a roundup dubbed "Operation Spring Cleaning." Sheriff Goins said so far about half of the 63 drug offenders have been arrested, with a total bond amount of $6,312,500.00.

Already,over $125,000 dollars and 28 vehicles have been confiscated.

The United States Marshal Service, Great Smokey Mountain Fugitive Task Force, 8th Judicial Drug Task Force, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission, State Bomb and Arson Section, Caryville Police Department and the Jacksboro Police Department are working with the Campbell County Sheriff's Department on these cases.

"We intend to hunt these people down and put them directly in jail, period. We couldn't do it without the great help of the fine folks mentioned above. Our great working relationships with these other agencies help secure assistance any time we call for it, and for that we are thankful." said Sheriff Goins. "The investigators on these undercover investigations have spent the last year committed to the removal of drugs and the apprehension of violators who choose to pollute our county, our communities and their homes and lives with evil and destruction. These are time consuming investigations, that when done correctly, yield the progress we have today. We have seized nearly one half of a million dollars of monies and property from drug dealers. These drug dealers have help ruin the lives of countless citizens and cost our taxpayers countless dollars with all the affects associated with drug abuse. I am so proud of the work all of these professionals have done to make Campbell County better. Our work is not done. We will continue the fight and progress, all day, every day, because that's what our people and county deserve."

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