Snow makes clean-up from wind damage tough for Claiborne Co. family

5:57 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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Strong winds Sunday night tore into a New Tazewell family's home and Monday's winter weather isn't helping with clean up efforts.

Sunday, gusty winds knocked down trees, tore down power lines, and badly damaged the porch on Tracy Love's home. It even tore doors off the hinges.

Now they're dealing with winter weather and trying to clean up.

"It's been terrible. I've got church members who are going to come and board up windows for me and close off doorways. But the wind is still up now and the snow is making it hard to do anything in this kind of weather so it's kind of putting a delay on the things we need to do for the cleanup effort," said Love.

Love says the wild weather from rain and strong winds to snow is just part of living with East Tennessee's unpredictable weather.

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