UT Track: From rivals to teammates

6:46 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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What's now a great friendship started as anything but.

"She didn't like me," says Kelsey Kane. "We just didn't get along," says Amber Zimmerman.

Kane went to West High School while Zimmerman attended Webb School of Knoxville. These two were the best distance runners on their teams. In one meet the finish intensified the rivalry.

"I came from behind and boom," says Zimmerman. "And I skidded across the track," adds Kane.

Zimmerman pushed Kane from behind in this meet in high school and Kane won the race but finished laying on the track.

"She was there for about 15 minutes," says Zimmerman. "I couldn't believe this little girl just pushed me," says Kane.

Both decided to attend Tennessee for college. After an initial cold relationship, the two have become training partners and friends.

"I'm blessed to have her as a teammate," says Kane. "We kinda complete each other," says Zimmerman.


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