Bug count could increase this spring in East TN

10:36 PM, Apr 8, 2013   |    comments
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Insect experts say we could see more bugs this spring and summer than usual.

UT Extension Agent Neal Denton said all of the precipitation Knoxville received during the winter has created favorable conditions in which bugs can use to procreate.

According to the National Weather Service, precipitation in Knoxville is seven inches above average for this time of the year. All of that rain helps create moist and lively weeds where insects can lay their eggs.

Entomologist Dayton Hylton is the owner of Dayton's Pest Control in Bearden. He said he has already received calls from locals looking for a little bit of help.

"Were seeing a lot of termites forming now, ants coming inside and even carpenter bees beginning to swarm," he said.

The demand he expects to see for his services may even force him to expand his workforce.

"We're up in the neighborhood of 28 employees, right this minute, and we expect to hire two to four more," he said.

Now, Denton says unless we have a late freeze, the temperature outside will not affect how many bugs pop up in East Tennessee. But, Hylton does point out it will influence when certain types come out.

He said insects are cold blooded and when things outside warm up, that is when they become more active.

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