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Auto shop surprises soldier with restored truck

8:16 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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About three months before Army SPC Adam Fields deployed he fell in love with a beat-up Chevy truck.

"The minute I saw it, I wanted it," said Fields.

He bought the clunker, left for Italy and then last July, Afghanistan.

All along it was his dream to fix it up. So while he was gone his mother teamed up with a local auto repair shop to make it happen.

"About a year ago when he left he said 'okay, I need to get my truck fixed, I need to get my truck fixed.' That's all we've heard for the last year," said Fields' mother, DeeDee Hankins.

So she took it to Melton Collision Center. The family paid for some basic repairs, but when the employees heard the family's story they decided to pitch in.

They donated hours after work and got every ding, dent, and even some mysterious bullet holes out of the truck.

And Fields got to see the results for the first time Tuesday.

The pristine paint job and jet black tires rendered him speechless-- until he got in the cab.

"I'm amazed I really didn't think it was the same truck when I saw it," said Fields.

Out on patrols in Afghanistan, Fields would daydream about driving his Chevy.

"I've been looking forward to driving this truck for the whole deployment," said Fields. "Fresh air, just being able to just go anywhere and do anything I want. Not worry about someone trying to shoot me or blow me up."

SPC Fields is home for about a month. Then he has to leave for another post in Georgia.

But this time, the truck will go with him.

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