East coast periodic cicada brood not expected in East TN

9:21 PM, Apr 10, 2013   |    comments
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A big brood of pesky cicadas is expected to invade parts of the east coast this spring, but it probably won't affect us here in East Tennessee.

Periodic cicadas emerge every 17 or 13 years and surface at different times. This year, the 17-year brood two cicada is expected to dig its way out of the ground along the east coast.

Folks from North Carolina to Pennsylvania will likely see and hear the bug. While this specific brood is not expected to emerge in East Tennessee, UT Extension agent Neal Denton says we'll still get some cicadas.

"We have cicadas that come every year, but they're annual, and they don't come in as large numbers, tend to do very little damage," said Denton.

The cicada broods have much larger numbers-- as many as one billion bugs per square mile.

Denton says he expects periodical cicadas to invade our area again in 2021.

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