East Tennessee runners return home from the Boston Marathon

8:32 PM, Apr 16, 2013   |    comments
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East Tennessee runners who participated in the Boston Marathon are making their way back home following Monday's bombings.

Three people were killed and nearly 150 people were injured. The FBI said the range of suspects is "wide open".

Paul Horton of Knoxville said at the time of the explosions he was in his hotel room after finishing the race about 1.5 hours before the bombs went off. He said, "It was kind of like an entrapment feeling in a way because they did section off two or three blocks of hotels up there with yellow tape. They have the National Guard come up there, lot of people with automatic assault rifles on guard and scouring buildings and clearing out buildings for safety. You really couldn't go anywhere so it was pretty scary for me."

Kevin Fitzgerald of Sevierville also ran in the Boston Marathon. He said he was on his way to the Providence airport when he learned what happened, something he didn't imagine while running. He said, "I was slapping hands with people going down the street, because I was feeling good. I passed by both of those spots and I was 15 feet from where those bombs went off. And that's what I thought about, you know holy cow. It's scary to think what those people were going through when that happened."

The runners say they were told all East Tennessee runners who participated in the Boston Marathon are okay.

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