Knox Co. BOE talks Common Core, old Knoxville High

9:20 PM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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Monday night, superintendent of Knox County Schools, Dr. Jim McIntyre, said Knox County students are getting a better education as the district transitions into a Common Core curriculum.

The superintendent updated the school board on the transition during Monday night's meeting. He says by next year, all grades kindergarten through high school will start Common Core lessons in English, language arts, and math.

"The Common Core state standards are a set of rigorous state standards that will help our students be prepared for successful, competitive bright futures. I think it's a really important transition for us as a state as we move in that direction. I think it's a really positive development," said Dr. McIntyre.

The board also discussed plans for the old Knoxville High School.

Dr. McIntyre says the district is in the process of handing the property over to the county. He says developers would like to turn it into a residential development, but neighbors are asking it doesn't become a housing project for the homeless or people with low incomes. McIntyre expects the county to take control of the property by the end of June.

The superintendent also touched on high school graduations. For the first time ever, people who can't make it to the ceremonies can watch them online at

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