Okla. tornadoes bring memories to '02 Mossy Grove victims

6:15 PM, May 21, 2013   |    comments
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Sue Jones looked through a large, black scrapbook Tuesday, with the words engraved "Mossy Grove Tornado."

"When it came, my husband said we better get in," she recalled the night of November 10, 2002. "It was really eerie. There was no wind, but you could smell this earth."

Jones lost her home after the overnight EF3 tornado struck the small Morgan County community. Seven people died from that storm, including an infant.

The grandmother brought out the photo album after watching the coverage of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado on television.

"Having to lose your house is one thing. But having to lose a loved one is much worse," she added.

Morgan County EMA director Jody Zurich remembers the days, weeks, and months that followed for the small community.

"It's a long recovery process. We had a long term recovery committee that worked to help out citizens for a year after the tornado to help them get rebuilt and get things done for them," Zurich said.

She added that what came out of tragedy, came a small bit of triumph from the 2002 storm. Zurich predicts the same thing will occur in Oklahoma.

"Volunteers come out of the woodwork when disaster happened in a community, help them collect their belongings, look for survivors, and help those that were injured," she said."

Now today in Mossy Grove, the community looks almost untouched.

Jones has a new house on the same plot of land as her old one. Other houses have been rebuilt too.

She said her heart breaks for the victims of Monday's tornado, but offered some advice to the victims: "Be gracious and take their things and later on when it happens to someone else, you can pay it back."

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