Pharmacy owner shot and killed in Bean Station leaves behind three kids

11:33 PM, May 23, 2013   |    comments
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Derek Green was working the produce aisle of the Holt's IGA Market Thursday afternoon when his manager told him there had been a shooting next door.

Police cars flooded the parking the lot the grocery store shared with its next-door neighbor, Down Home Pharmacy.

Green watched as two women were brought out on stretchers and waited for a familiar face.

His uncle, Steve Lovell, was the owner of Down Home Pharmacy.

"He just had a birthday this week. He just turned 42," said Green.

According to officials, Lovell was one of the two people shot and killed Thursday when they say an ex-cop tried to rob the pharmacy for prescription drugs.

Jason Holt now faces multiple charges, including two counts of first-degree murder.

Green says his uncle wouldn't have been the type to resist a robbery.

"He's just got too much with his kids and his wife. He loved them too much," said Green. Lovell leaves behind three children.

He had purchased the pharmacy a little more than a year ago, says Green. Lovell loved the job because it allowed him time with his family.

"He was just easy to talk to, always there, never seen him unhappy. Always playing with his kids," said Green.

The pharmacist was also excited about seeing his business grow.

Grocery store employee Danielle Grisham was also working when the shooting happened.

She was helping a customer take her purchase out to her car.

"While we were walking out the door she said 'I wonder where my husband is,'" said Grisham. "He was in [the pharmacy]."

The woman was married to the second victim who died, Richard Alexander Summerville.

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