Red Cross sends 2 more East TN volunteers to Moore, OK

6:54 PM, May 25, 2013   |    comments
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Don Barker and Rachel Dunne head to Oklahoma to help with disaster relief.

(WBIR-Louisville/Knoxville) Those affected by the deadly tornado in Moore, Okla. are in need of almost everything, from food to shelter.

This past week, 10 American Red Cross volunteers from East Tennessee traveled to Moore.  

Don Barker and Rachel Dunne left from McGhee Tyson Airport on Saturday morning.

It will be Dunne's first deployment with the Red Cross.

"You're meeting people on the worst day of their lives. So you know, you're going into a situation that's going to be emotionally heavy and your job is to make it as easy for them to get back to their normal lives as possible," Dunne said.

28 students took classes at American Red Cross in Knoxville this past week.

A class training volunteers to drive emergency response vehicles was double its normal size with 9 people on Thursday morning.

"I've been through most of their courses but I still have more to take. I just want all that knowledge I can get," said Peter Keyes, who has taken 12 classes with American Red Cross since he started volunteering nearly a year ago.

Dunne added, "In addition to the classroom training, where you get some kind of background material and some specific job related training, there's also a lot of chances to be involved locally and get some experience before you're actually sent out on something national."

Barker teaches some of those classes and has disaster relief experience, starting with Hurricane Katrina.

"[Hurricane] Katrina... people had no idea what they were getting into. Now the Red Cross gives you some training so when you go out there you know about what you're supposed to do," Barker said.

Barker and Dunne will be in Okla. for two weeks.

Those who would like to volunteer with the Red Cross in Knoxville can call 865-584-2999 or go to

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