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Volunteers help build a Speedwell church

7:18 PM, Jun 9, 2013   |    comments
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Volunteers with Mobile Baptist Builders work on a new building for Haynes Flat Baptist Church in Speedwell.

(WBIR-Speedwell, TN) More than 150 volunteers from 18 different states are spending the week in Speedwell.

On Saturday, Mobile Baptist Builders started working on what will be the new Haynes Flat Baptist Church.

The old church is more than 90 years old.

By the time the church is built, Haynes Flat Baptist Church will have saved about $200,000 in labor because of volunteers.

"These people are working for free. They pay their own way. They take a week of their life and pay to come here. They pay to come here," said Burben Sullins, coordinator for Mobile Baptist Builders
The volunteers will work on the church all week and will leave on Friday.

"We've passed out Sharpies and asked them to write either their favorite Bible verse or a special prayer and they're actually going to write it on the walls of the church as we put them up. So we're going to walk in every day knowing that all of the volunteers not only built this, but their literal prayers are on all the walls," said Jason Poe, pastor for Haynes Flat Baptist Church.

Mobile Baptist Builders came twice to Josie Boyer's church in Maine.

"It was such a blessing just to know that there were people out there that cared so much to come and donate their time and work together to help us out and see our dreams and goals come true. It was huge. So that's definitely why I'm doing it today," Boyer said.

She's passing on the favor to Lawrence "Cotton" Robertson, who has gone to Haynes Flat Baptist Church since 1934.

"I'm just tickled to death about getting a new church and the Lord has blessed us," Robertson said.

Throughout the summer, several volunteers will work on the church.

Another group of a hundred will volunteer in two weeks.

Pastor Poe said they hope to move into the new church before Christmas this year.

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