Knoxville woman to compete in 'death race'

5:14 PM, Jun 13, 2013   |    comments
Stacie Preston
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A Knoxville woman will compete in the upcoming Spartan Death Race, a competition that pushes your body and your mind.

More than 200 athletes from across the country will attempt the race, and less than 15 percent will actually finish.

It's called the "death race" for a reason, because participants don't know what to expect. They could be asked to do things like chop wood for two hours, carry a 20-pound stump for hours, lift 10 to 30 pounds of rocks for five hours, or memorize and recite information.

Stacie Preston competed in last year's event, but didn't finish. She hopes to finish this year.

"We don't know when it starts, we don't know when it ends, we don't know what it is we will be doing other than doing burpees and we will be doing some wood chopping. Beyond that we have no clue. Their whole goal in this race is to essentially make everyone quit. They try to find out what your breaking point is and manipulate that," she said.

In last year's competition, Preston spent 29 hours competing in various physical and mental tasks including chopping wood, doing farm chores and carrying 10 gallon buckets of rocks. She also spent two hours writing an essay.

This year's race is June 21st in Pittsfield, Vermont.

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