Ask Todd: Sevier County tornadoes

11:16 PM, Jun 20, 2013   |    comments
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Christine Strainer asks, "Is it true that the recent tornado in Sevier County is the county's first in recorded history?"

Now that's a really good question Christine, and also a great observation because you typically don't hear about tornadoes hitting Sevier County.

A confirmed tornado did hit last Thursday night about four miles west of Cosby. The path stretched about half a mile and was 150 yards wide.

Now for your question, last Thursday's tornado was the strongest in Sevier County history, but it wasn't the first; it was actually the second.

The National Weather Service actually confirmed the first recorded tornado in Sevier County's history back in April 2011. But during that instance it was an EF-0 that touched down, so not as strong as the EF-1 from last week. The tornado in 2011 touched down northeast of Chapman Highway near Seymour just after midnight on April 27th.

So last week's EF-1 tornado was not the first in Sevier County history, it was the second.

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