Campfield, Briggs say they're not behind robo-calls

10:09 PM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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Robo-calls lit up phones in the Knoxville area with questions about a state senator Tuesday evening. Viewers and Facebook fans asked us to check into it and here is what we found.

The calls were an opinion survey is focused on Stacey Campfield and here's part of the message:

"Hello, this is Citizen's Opinion Research and we are conducting a quick, one-minute survey about State Senator Stacey Campfield. Please indicate your response to the question by pressing the corresponding number on your phone."

We haven't been able to confirm who is behind Citizen's Opinion Research.

We did reach Senator Campfield. He says he says has nothing to do with the calls. He did say people continue receiving calls until they offer a negative opinion. We haven't been able to test that theory.

We also talked to Dr. Richard Briggs. He is running against Campfield for that Senate seat. He says he isn't tied to the robo-calls either.

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