Group claims workers on Henley Bridge are still not safe

6:27 PM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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A worker and faith group said Thursday that it has evidence that safety issues continue to be a problem at the Henley Bridge site.

As construction crews worked in the background, Bridges to Justice presented its concerns and what it called photographic evidence highlighting safety violations. One photo shows workers crossing between barges, while in another a worker's clothing could be seen getting caught on equipment.

The group says it believes better construction safety is possible throughout the state.

"But we all gotta work together. TDOT has got to work together, the workers have got to work together, the company has got to work together. It can be done. Lives can be saved and we'll all be better off," said
John Stewart.

Bridges to Justice says one solution would be to have TDOT offer incentives for completing a project safely instead of based off speed.

Britton Bridge, the contractor for the project, says its priority continues to be the safety of its workers. A spokesperson told 10News that "If Bridges to Justice witnesses or has knowledge of safety infractions, Britton Bridge wishes they would be reported to the employer so that they might be corrected."

Also in response to the claims, TDOT says its has worked with Britton Bridge to improve safety on the Henley Bridge Project and they feel confident that the safety of workers is a top priority.






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