Heavy rain floods basements, ballpark in Lake City

7:16 PM, Jul 7, 2013   |    comments
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  • Rain blocks the entrance to Margaret Chamblee's basement entrance in Lake City.
  • Heavy rain causes flooding at George Templin Memorial Athletic Field on Sunday morning.

(WBIR - Lake City, TN) Heavy rain caused flooding on roads and in neighborhoods across East Tennessee on Sunday.

In Lake City, the water made its way into basements and ballparks.

Near Anchor of Hope Baptist Church, the water rose into Margaret Chamblee's backyard and into her basement. A creek runs right through Chamblee's backyard.

"It's only about 6 inches deep normally... I've never seen it this high," said Chamblee's friend, Juden Poore.

At noon, the only entrance to her basement was still full of water.

Across the street from Chamblee's home is George Templin Memorial Athletic Field. Heavy rain turned the field into a temporary pond.

"Well, when we came across the bridge up here at the red light I was in awe. I had to turn around and stop to take pictures. I've never seen it like this. It happened about three times before from what I understand but I have never seen it," said Debbie McClung, a resident of Lake City.

People took advantage of the high water, splashing around in the flooded field.

"I haven't seen this in a long time so we wanted to come down here... and enjoy it," said Angela Smith, a Lake City resident.

Crews temporarily closed Chamblee's street in Lake City on Sunday afternoon.

Chamblee said insurance will not cover the water damage inside her home.

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