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Old tear gas canister caused evacuation of Knox Co. business

8:21 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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Investigators are trying to determine how a canister of tear gas ended up in a box of recyclable material at a Knox County business on Thursday.

After that box was opened at Scott Recycling, workers started complaining of eye irritation.  They cleared the building, and called for help.

Rural/Metro crews decontaminated ten people at the scene, including two emergency workers.  No one was transported to the hospital.

According to the Knox County Sheriff's Office, that canister of tear gas was from the '50s or early '60s.  The bomb squad is now trying to trace its origin.  They believe it may have come from Mississippi, and the company that manufactured it has been out of business for years.

Officials do not believe there was any malicious intent behind the incident.

Rural/Metro says the company will be responsible for decontaminating the building, but it should not be too difficult.

Scott Recycling takes in electronics from across the country, and safely disposes of them.

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Several employees at a Knox County business are being treated after they were exposed to an unknown yellow dust.

According to Rural/Metro Chief Jerry Harnish, employees at Scott Recycling, located at 5049 S. National Drive in East Knox County, opened an unmarked container around 1:00 pm.

The container held a yellow dust.  After opening it, a company official said 3-4 people started complaining of eye irritation.  They evacuated the building, but shortly after, most everyone in the building started to feel some eye irritation.

When Rural/Metro fire crews, hazardous materials crews, and ambulances arrived at the scene, they isolated the people who had the closest exposure to the dust and decontaminated them.  Everyone else was moved to a safer distance.

No one was transported to the hospital.

According to their website, Scott Recycling provides proper disposal of electronic materials



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