NW Knoxville neighborhoods react to recent shootings

11:49 PM, Jul 31, 2013   |    comments
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Several shootings in the past 48 hours are drawing more attention to the issue of violence in a few Knoxville neighborhoods.

Residents are calling for solutions to the gun crimes that have happened miles apart in many cases, in just about every direction from downtown.

At least seven of the shootings in the past month have happened in Northwest Knoxville, especially in the Lonsdale and Western Heights communities.

And, in just the past two weeks, three have happened off Western Avenue.

KPD said it could not discuss the factors that led to the recent shooting as those cases are still pending.

City councilman Mark Campen whose district oversees Lonsdale said he would like to work with KPD and the Lonsdale United Neighborhood Association to start an active neighborhood watch group in the area.

Anthony Wright Jr. volunteers at New Friendship Baptist Missionary Church in Lonsdale. He said the recent violence has scared a few folks in the area to the point in which some people have moved away.

"They shouldn't have to be scared to come outside," he said.

Several summers ago, a similar spate of violence happened in nearby Mechanicsville. It prompted residents to start a neighborhood watch. Now, people living there are hoping to keep nearby violence from creeping in.

He said they try to do simple like cleaning up litter.

"It gives a sense of pride and people know that other people are taking care of the community and that they're watching out for their neighbors, being connected with our neighbors," said Mechanicsville resident Bentley Marlow.

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