Spiderman, other characters speak at city council meeting

10:59 PM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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It's not every city council meeting that leaders get to hear from a superhero, but one showed up to complain Tuesday evening. At least, a man somewhat dressed like one.

Spiderman and other characters, including a mime, waited until the end of the meeting to speak during the public forum.

Their complaint? A law barring people from wearing masks in public. They say they understand the reasoning of the law is to protect police and the public, but they say their free expression is just as important.

"I wore the costume as a symbol. It was a symbol not only for myself but all the other performers who are wanting to come to Market Square, so I had to be the voice of all of them and show them that we are sincere in what we're doing. We're wanting to be compliant with the law but we're also wanting to get it changed," said Justin Webb, who was dressed as the superhero.

The complaint got the city's attention. Leaders say they are reviewing the ordinance.

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