Multiple 'hometowns' claim The Band Perry

12:03 AM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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The chart-topping family of singers known as The Band Perry performed at Smokies Stadium Thursday night. The performance comes less than six months after their last show in East Tennessee, in their hometown of Greeneville.

Greeneville isn't the only southern town that claims the band as theirs. They make headlines as hometown celebrities in Mississippi and Alabama, two other places the family has lived.

"It's just so funny because all of those different communities played a different role in our lives," said The Band Perry's lead singer, Kimberly Perry. "In our early lives, we were born in Jackson, technically Madison, Mississippi, which is a small town outside of Jackson. Mobile (Alabama) is where the music got started, but Greeneville is where it really came to life."

The band said they have called Greeneville home for about 12 years now.  They appreciate the peace and quiet of the mountains.

"What we love about Greeneville is, that in this crazy business we're in, it's just a nice quiet place to go back and re-charge," said band member, Reid Perry.

Some, like Greeneville's Mayor W.T. Daniels, don't want to share the band.

"We're not going to let Mississippi or Alabama, either one, claim The Band Perry. We're going to do that here," he said, laughing.

"Everybody in Greeneville is just so proud of The Band Perry. They have represented our community extremely well all across the country," Mayor Daniels added.

The trio said all three towns deserve to call them locals because each one played a part in who they are today.

"All of those communities have a sweet spot in our hearts," Kimberly Perry said.

Fans we talked to say they're happy to divide the title with a few other towns, just as long as the band visits often.

The Band Perry said they plan on keeping their home right here in East Tennessee.

"We are here now, we will die here," Kimberly said.

The band also added that starting in 2014 they are headlining a worldwide tour.  The stops begin in Europe, but end in the U.S.  

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