Players, fans take to Twitter to express opinions on Dooley's firing

3:29 PM, Nov 18, 2012   |    comments
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Players and fans are taking to social media to express their opinions on Dooley's firing.

Many in the Volunteer fan base are using this transition period to express that no matter what happens, they will always support the Vols. They are using the hashtag #VFL which stands for "Vol for Life" to express their support.

Some players from the UT football team have been expressing their support for their team, Coach Dooley, and thanking him for everything he's done as coach.

Here are some tweets from UT football players:

  • Kenneth Wayne Bynum (@Tenn_Kenn) "Through all hard times, I'm still a Vol For Life"
  • Omari Phillips (@dante_phillips) tweeted "Thanks coach dooley for everything ...go vols"
  • Daniel Hood (@daniel_hood5855) tweeted "1k years from now, W/L won't matter, but the way you effect others will last forever."
  • Ryan Ault (@Ryan_Ault13) tweeted "Thank you Coach Dooley for giving me the opportunity to live my dream. I cannot thank you enough. Best of luck coach! #VFL"
  • Patrick Ashford (@_ashford13) tweeted "Thanks to Coach Dooley for allowing me the opportunity to play for the Volunteers. #blessed #VFL"
  • Corey Alexander (@coreyralexander) tweeted "Friends and fellow Volunteers, I ask for support and positivity for my brothers and I in this troubling time. We stand together #VFL"

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