Many UT recruits happy with Butch Jones hire

8:38 PM, Dec 7, 2012   |    comments
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East Tennessee is buzzing with news of Coach Butch Jones' arrival in Knoxville.

Future University of Tennessee players are weighing in on the hire and the reaction is mostly positive.

Our partners at Volquest talked to 7 recruits, 5 of them made it clear they are staying put with the new coach.

Two of those are hometown commitments from the Christian Academy of Knoxville.

Offensive lineman Brett Kendrick and wide receiver Josh Smith both felt relieved that they will play for Jones.

"I was excited when I heard he was going to be our coach," said Kendrick. "I was really excited that we got one so we can move forward and get better as a team."

"I'm just excited to meet him. I can't wait to get the opportunity to work out with him and prove to him all the 2013 commitments can play," said Smith.

They said the 18 days of uncertainty was tough but both decided to stay at UT after Athletic Director Dave Hart assured them he would honor their scholarships.

"I'm definitely staying," said Kendrick.

"I'm committed to the University of Tennessee if they're committed to me," said Smith.

Kendrick and Smith wanted to learn more about the coach they'll spend the next four years playing for. Just like the rest of us, they went to the internet to find out.

"I went and watched that YouTube video and got to see how he acted with his players," Kendrick said. "He's intense and I like it."

The recruits are also excited that Jones ran a spread offense at Cincinnati. They have trained on a spread offense in their high school careers and feel they will be a good fit with the coach.

After playing together for three successful seasons at CAK, Smith and Kendrick hope to have four more at UT.

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