Your Stories: Heather Grubb

2:05 PM, Aug 31, 2011   |    comments
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The kitchen is where the heart is at least that's how it is in Heather Grubb's household. Now she is trying to take that passion to the next level.

Grubb's kitchen is full of sweetness and we're not just talking about the delicious smell of cupcakes.

"Baking, there's a joy that's in it and when you share it with people. It's a celebration. You get to share it with people," said Grubb.

Heather grew up cooking."It was always just something where the whole family got together and made dinner, congregate around the table and just talk and have a good time," explained Grubb.

It was only natural she pursue it as a career, but it didn't happen right away. Heather and her then-boyfriend both graduated from the University of Tennessee and he got a job in North Carolina.

"He said, 'I'm not going without you.' And I said, 'Okay.' And he said, 'Let's get married.' And we did. We eloped on a Friday afternoon at our church," said Grubb.

In Winston-Salem Heather got a job in the pharmaceutical industry.

"I thought I was going to love this job and I didn't like it very much," said Grubb. "The only aspect of that job that I enjoyed was bringing lunch."

She ended up getting laid off and used her severance money to start her own catering company.

"I made a variety of sandwiches, one that was really popular. It was called the Pilgrim's Picnic and it was turkey, with cranberry sauce, the cornbread stuffing, a little bit of cream cheese and some sprouts on a croissant. That's like Thanksgiving Day on a piece of buttered bread," explained Grubb.

Soon she decided to focus on cakes. "I've got a sweet tooth like no other and I've had it since I was a kid. I mean there's pictures of me licking sugar, sticks of butter. I just love every bit of it," said Grubb.

She's created masterpieces of all kinds, sports themes, superheroes and of course cakes for the big day.

"My favorite cakes are the wedding cakes. I love the wedding cakes because I love beautiful cakes and it's a beautiful day," explained Grubb.

Now she's back at home and owns Cake of Knoxville.  But she is trying to take her talents to the next level on TLC's The Next Great Baker. She was one of 35 chosen from thousands of applicants.

"Everybody that was up there on my day was a pastry chef. They either owned their own bakery for 17 plus years or worked in a fancy hotel in Vegas," said Grubb.

However, she is holding her own and her family is cheering her on.

Heather Grubb, baking delicious treats with a bun in the oven herself.

"I was like how did that happen? Seriously. No, I know how it happened," said Grubb.

One of Your Stories. There's no place like this one.

Heather was in the running for the 13th spot on The Next Great Baker. We do not know if she made the cut or not. The show is keeping the details confidential. We'll have to see when the show airs on TLC this fall.  It premieres November 28th. 

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